Solar Refridgerator All-in-One Solar Fridge Kit for Home

  • Complete Solar Fridge Kit
  • With Lithium Battery Pack
  • Long-last 20H Working Time
  • Rechargeable by Solar Energy

Solar Refridgerator All-in-One Solar Fridge Kit with Lithium Battery and Solar Panel for Home Use

Solar Refridgerator is complete dc home solar fridge kit, all-in-one with solar panel, lithum battery pack and fridge. It is rechargeable directly by solar energy for home use. Due to high-quality lithium battery and direct-dc-consumption, it can work for over 40H after fully charged. It is perfect cooling solution for houses in remote areas or caravans.

Details of Solar Fridge Kit


Technical Specification of Solar Refridgerator 

Capacity 108L(Freezer33L ,Cold 75L)128L(Freezer35L ,Cold 93L)138L(Freezer43L ,Cold 95L)
Solar Panel32V/260W 8M cable
BatteryInbuilt 1100WH/780WH lithium battery        
Charging controller10A ,MPPT charging way 
Fridge Size 45cm*45cm*105cm 45cm*45cm*119cm45cm* 45cm * 150.5cm 
Coolant R600a, totally CFC free
Temperature Fridge :0~10℃ ,Freezer:-18℃ 
Power Consumption0.54KWh/day 0.56KWh/day 
PCBA Protection Overcharge  Overdischarge
Charging timeAbout 8 hours under directly sunshine
Working time 45H40H40H
Life Span For solar panel :20years;      For Battery :deep recycle 1500 times  (10Year)

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