Rechargeable Fan DC AC Solar Fan Kit with Lithium

  • Complete Fan Kit
  • Rechargeable Fan with Battery
  • With Solar Panel
  • With 6V DC Outlet, USB port
  • Solar Charging / AC Charging

Rechargeable Fan DC AC Solar Fan Kit with Lithium

 Rechargeable fan 12″ 16″, 18″,  they are solar fan kit with battery and USB phone charging function. It is built-in good-quality lead-acid battery or LiFePO4 battery for power storage, and it is flexible to be charged by solar panel or AC charging. It is suitable for remote areas for fan cooling and LED lighting.

  Rechargeable Fan Details

Model No.WS-Fan421
 Motor 12V DC Brushless Motor 
 Rated Power 11W
 Rated Voltage12V DC
 AC /DC Adaptor Input 100-240V
 AC /DC Adaptor Output 15V,2.5A
 Micro USB Input  5V, 2A
 Micro USB Output  5V, 2A
 Battery  Lithium Battery
 Battery Capacity  4400mAh/11.1V(48.84w)
 Size  16 Inch
 Blade  3 blades or 5 blades
 Blade Size  14 Inch
 Speed Control  3 Speeds 
 Max rpm 1300±50 
 Height  1.1-1.3M 
 Adaptor cord length 2M 
 Charging Time 4.5-5 hours
 Discharge Time 5.5/8/13.5hours
 LED lights  15 LED lights  
 Oscillation Yes
 Battery Low Quantity Protection Yes
 Materials  PP/ABS/Iron/Copper
 Motor warranty 2 years at leaset
 USB output, remote, timer are customizable 

rechargeable fan dc ac fan 

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