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Shenzhen WeBright Solar Technology Co., Ltd is located in Shenzhen, China. And we are one professional factory supplier and trading company for over 7 years. So we have much experience in different residential solar power systems and home solar solutions. And then you can get below all-in-one solar energy products by one-step from us.

First, 5w to 50w solar lighting system. These are portable all-in-one solar kit, with optional lead acid battery or lithium battery inside.

Second, 5kw,10kw to 20kw off-grid and on-grid residential solar power system solutions.

Third, residential solar kit, solar home appliances system. It consists of solar TV system with LED lighting, solar  fridge, solar fan kit. And then there is also solar DC air-condition system.

How Can We Support You

Quality and service is our company culture. Therefore, WeBright Solar flexibly provide you cost-effective and high-quality one-stop solar power systems and residential or commerical solutions.

Due to we own such professional team and stable supply chain, you can get trustworthy solar energy products and 24-hour-7-day service from us, upon your request. When you want to install residential solar system kit, we can support you. And if you focus on solar energy business, to solve home solar energy supply for clients worldwide, especially those in remote areas without stable electricity,surely we will support you. We want to bring happy and bright life to people by using solar energy. Therefore, we are willing to serve you with our professional experience in solar power systems, including service such as design, sourcing and shipment.

1kw to 20kw complete solar power system to save money

WeBright Solar, dedicated and devoted as always, provide you complete solar power kits, solar power solutions, and customized solar system, etc, with good quality and flexible service. Let's work together in Renewable Energy for Better Life.

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