What WeBright Solar Do

Shenzhen WeBright Solar Technology Co., Ltd is located in Bao’An District Shenzhen, China. We are one professional factory supplier and trading company of solar power system solutions and solar power supply equipment for over 7 years. Our main products are as below.

1. 5w to 500w solar lighting system built-in lead acid battery, lithium battery.

2. 1kw to 50kw solar power system solutions, including off gid system and grid-tie system

3. DC solar pump system

4. Different kinds of solar power supply equipment, solar panel, battery, inverter, charge controller, battery charger, etc.


What We Are Committed to

Quality and service is our company culture. 

WeBright Solar focus on serving clients worldwide, especially for remote area and places without stable electricity. By providing them efficient and high-quality one-stop solar energy supply solutions, a variety of solar products and services, we are committed to bringing solar life to all people. No matter you are end users, solar product retails, solar system installers or dealers, we are determined to serve you with great experience of sourcing solar energy equipment, by providing professional instructions in solar system design and excellent service in sourcing and shipping.

We sincerely hope to bring you great green life experience by solar energy and to help you to save electricity bill. Let’s Work Together for Solar Life, Come with US!

1kw to 20kw complete solar power system to save money

WeBright Solar, dedicated and devoted as always, provide you complete solar power kits, solar power solutions, and customized solar system, etc, with good quality and flexible service. Let's work together in Renewable Energy for Better Life.

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