How to Build Solar Energy System for House?

Solar energy system will help you a lot to provide convenient and stable electricity, no matter residential solar power system for home or commercial use, especially in remote areas and villages. Here we would like to briefly introduce and explain how to build solar energy system. About how solar power system helps to supply electricity, it will be introduced in other article.

In general, there are off grid solar power system or called stand-alone photovoltaic system, grid-tie solar energy system, with capacity 3KW upto 50KW or higher, for residential and commercial use. They consist of basic solar power supply equipment, including solar modules, solar inverter, solar charge controller and solar battery (optional for lithium battery or lead acid battery), etc.  You will need proper equipment to set up your own solar power system for home or for other usage.

how to build solar energy system for home

How Can We Build One Proper Solar Energy System?

Before setting up a solar power system, basically you can think about it by asking the following 5 questions. Hope it will help you a little bit about how to build solar energy system.

1. What is Your Current Conditions of the House Electricity System?

If you have stable Grid electricity and it allows you to sell surplus energy that pv system generates, meanwhile you want to reduce your electricity bill and have less dependence on Utility, you may need to install Grid-tie solar energy system( Grid-connected pv system).

If the electricity system in the area is very poor with power failure daily, or there is no electricity source at all, for example in remote areas. Then you will need off grid solar power system with battery pack or generator as energy back-up.

Based on different conditions and purposes, there will be much difference in choosing solar power supply equipments and  making your barget.

In this part, we will discuss about the off grid solar power system for home use. Before designing,  you should make a list of what home appliances you want to put in the pv system. They will be the loads to be powered.

And then to plan how many hours these loads will work respectively per day. Afterwards, you can get the total energy consumption and pv system capacity by calculation.

3. What Will be Needed to Set up Your Home Solar System?

Based on the energy consumption data in step 2, you need to check what the peak sun hours you get in your areas, rainy days as back-up, etc.  Having the data, we can design and calculate the main parts in the system, to decide what specification required. For example, how much energy is stored in battery system, what solar inverter or charge controller you can choose, and how many solar modules will be installed? 

Besides, the installation site will also be very important for pv system set-up, because solar panel has to be exposed outside, the best location to get most sunlight and solar energy, it will effect the working status and efficiency of solar system.

4. What are Other Parts Needed in PV System Installation?

off grid solar energy system

Solar power system is electric unit.  It needs electrical parts, such as distribution cabenit, cables, electrical tools. What’s more, there are solar array installed, therefore, you will need pv mounting system, pv combiner box, PV cables. These are necessories for pv system installation.

5. What are Others?

If you plan to set up grid-tie solar energy system, it is also important to check local reguation of Net-metering. You will also need one eletric technician to help you set up your home solar system when all above solar power equipments are ready. Safety is very important for use of electricity.

off grid pv system-solar panel installation mounting system

Sincerely hope this brief article will help you to know more about setting us a solar power system.

Of course, there are other types, such as solar hybrid energy storage system, huge solar plants or mini solar home kit. As you know,  solar power system now can supply more economic and stable electricity, due to technology advancing and cost decreasing during recent years, it is certainly brings us another better electricity-obtaining choice. 

Solar energy brings us bright life. Please be free to contact us any time to get professional service and good-quality off grid solar power system solutions as your request.

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