20W Solar Home Light 12V LED Lighting System

  • 20W 18V High Efficiency Solar Panel
  • 4pcs 12V 3W Bright LED Bulbs
  • 12Ah 12V Built-in Lead-Acid/Lithium  Battery
  • 2pcs USB Phone Charging
  • Over 20 Channels FM Radio

20W Solar Home Light 12V LED Lighting System

20W solar home light SolarBoy Mini is very affordable and portable solar lighting kit, generating easy and safe power for 12V LED lighting and charging phones by USB port. The built-in 12V 12Ah lead acid battery is charged by 20W solar panel. It is perfect for home lighting in remote areas or villages and very enjoyable for camping,hiking,etc. The solar lighting kit is very easy to install, plugging PV panel and 4pcs 3W LED bulbs for use.

Usage & Details of 20w Solar Lighting System

Specifications of 20W Solar Light 

20w solar lighting system

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