complete solar power lighting system

16W 24W Solar Flood Light LED Lighting System

Features & Benefits

 1. 8W to 48W Mono Solar Panel

  2. High Luminous LED 

 3. LiFePO4 Battery Built-in

 4. Intelligent Controller

  5. 7 Working Modes

8W to 48W All-in-One Smart Solar Flood Light with LiFePO4 Battery 

Solar Flood Light SolarBoy Pro series are very affordable and flexible solar lighting system. It provides easy and safe power supply for outdoor LED lighting. With good quality LiFePO4 battery built-in, the flood light is charged by solar panel from 8W to 48W. It is perfect for outdoor lighting in remote areas or villages and very enjoyable for garden, square, street,etc. The solar flood light for LED lighting system is very easy to install, just to plug pv panel.

Complete Solar Flood Light Picture

  • Mono solar panel 8w to 48w
  • High brightness LED
  • Built-in high-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
  • Intelligent controller
  • IP66 Waterproof

solar flood light 8w to 24w LED lighting system

Features & AdvantagesSolar Flood Light LED Lighting System

Technical Specifications

Installation Step

solar flood light 8w to 48w LED lighting system installation

Installation Projects

24W Solar Flood Light is installed in small square as bright LED lighting system in remote village, to provide convenient lighting when people entertained in the evening.

solar flood light LED lighting system



Subject: 8W to 48W Smart Solar Flood Light

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