Solar power system helps a lot to supply convenient electricity for us, especially for those in remote areas and villages. By different types of off grid solar power systems, people can obtain electricity easier than before, and it is more flexible and affordable.

In market, for houses and residential use, there are mainly several kinds of off grid solar power systems. Solar panel exposed under sun light generates current and volt to charge battery, by solar charge controller, there will be DC outlet or AC outlet for home appliances, lights, fans or phone charging.

Firstly, it is the solar home lighting system/kit, complete kit with solar panel, built-in battery and LED lamp for lighting. The system produces electricity, and there will be USB port 5V or 12VDC outlet for DC fan as well. The power range goes from 3w to 50w, as well as there are 300va to 2000va solar generator. The kit is very affordable and easy-play for remote areas lighting and phone charging, with basic functions.

Secondly, the off-grid solar power system from 1kw to 50k is for residential houses or commercial shops and offices. The energy system is combined with solar array,power inverter/off grid solar inverter, PWM/MPPT solar charge controller and battery pack, mounting system, as well as accessories of cable, connector. It can provide much more energy and electricity to meet our household demand and solve electricity problem when there is power-cut-off for Grid, as soon as there is sun light, and it can save more in your electricity bill.

Thirdly, Grid-tie solar energy system is mainly for areas with stable electricity grid, having this kind of solar panel system, we can supply electricity to house loads and feed back to Grid for selling, it mainly works with Grid-tie solar inverter, directly connect to Grid, solar panel energy feeds into home loads and the Grid directly. 

Above are normal types of solar power systems, of course, there are other types, such as solar hybrid energy storage system, huge solar plants. In all, solar power system now can supply more economic and stable electricity, due to technology advancing and cost decreasing during recent years, it is certainly brings us another better electricity-obtaining choice.

WeBright Solar are dedicated in solar power system, especially for remote areas, hoping that solar energy will bring children there brighter house, schools and happier life.

Solar energy brings us bright life. Please be free to contact us any time to get professional service and good-quality off grid solar power system as your request.


WeBright Solar, dedicated and devoted as always, provide you complete solar power kits, solar power solutions, and customized solar system, etc, with good quality and flexible service. Let's work together in Renewable Energy for Better Life.

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