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Solar Pumping Inverter with AC and Solar Priority 750W to 22KW

  • Solar Pumping Inverter
  • 0.75KW-22KW
  • Hybrid AC with Solar Priority
  • Support Multi-link Function
  • Max DC Volt: 450V/850V
  • IP65

Solar Pumping Inverter with AC and Solar Priority 750W to 22KW

Solar pumping inverter integrates advanced functions such as Hybrid AC Power, Solar Priority, Remote Monitoring, Multi-pump Linkage, Low-input Voltage, etc. It can be directly installed outdoors without additional devices and control box. It is by simple wiring, easy installation, low maintenance cost, high system efficiency and long service life.

  • Compatible with submersible pumps, surface pumps, swimming pool pumps using induction motors.
  • Patented dynamic VI maximum power tracking (MPPT) algorithm; Faster response and good stability. MPPT efficiency reaches 99%.
  • Full automatic operation. 8 years storage capacity for operation data.
  • Support soft start of pump. Full motor protections. Optional water level switch to protect overflow and dry running.
  • Good sealing, IP65 protection grade. Ambient temperature: -20~+60℃. Ambient humidity ≤95%. Suitable for harsh outdoor installation environment.
  • Using high standard components, wide input voltage range, built-in boost circuits for low power models, flexible options for solar panels configuration.
  • LCD display, user friendly interface, rich display information.
  • Support PV/AC power complementary input, with solar priority function selection which can meet the requirement of 24 hours application while the priority is given to the maximum utility of solar energy and the AC power supply is automatically shielded to achieved the goal of main power saving.
  • Optional built-in wireless communication module to implement system remote monitoring.
  • Support timing control, pressure detection and control, liquid level depth detection and control and other water pump control functions.
  • Support multi-pump linkage operation function, meet the expansion of large-flow and high-lift systems application, improve the power efficiency and reduce the configuration usage of PV modules of the system.
  • Support installment encryption to lock the pumping system and enter the activation code to unlock.

Applications of Solar Pumping System

AC Solar Pumping System supplied by WeBright Solar can be used in daily  water use (ground water), agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands, waste-water treatment engineering, and so on. 

Solar water pump system is dispensed with energy storage and stores water by no Grid electricity. Also It improves the reliability of the water pumping system, at the same time, it reduces the cost of system installation  and maintenance of the irrigation system very much.

AC Solar Water Pump System

Solar Water Pumping System Installation Case

AC solar water pump system

Technical Specifications

Power Range
0.75-3.7 kW
0.75-5.5 kW
2.2-22 kW
Adapting Pump Motor
1PH 220-240V 50Hz
0.37-2.2 kW
3PH 220-240V 50Hz
0.37-4 kW
3PH 380-440V 50Hz
3.7-45 kW
AC Input Voltage
1PH 220V(-10%) ~ 240V(+10%)
1PH(≤3.7kW) / 3PH(5.5kW)
220V(-10%) ~ 240V(+10%)
3PH 380V(-10%) ~ 440V(+10%)
Max. DC Input Voltage
450V / 850V
Recommended MPP Voltage
Rated Conversion Efficiency
MPPT Efficiency
Ambient Temperature
Protection Grade

Other Off Grid Solar System Components & Accessories                                   455w mono solar panel

Solar Panels

Optional Mono/Poly Blue/Black Panels
High Efficiency with PERC panels available
25 years warranty with 80% power output

PID Resistant,High salt and ammonia resistance


      2V/12V GEL/AGM batteries optional

         48V 50Ah/100Ah/200Ah Lithium Battery

                                                       solar pv mounting bracket


Mounting Bracket

Customized design with CAD drawing

Flat/pitched roof, soil/cement ground installation


PV Combiner Box&Installation Tools

PV Array Combiner Box
SPD surge protection etc

Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper,
MC3 MC4 Crimper
MC4 Connectors Assembly


PV Cables

Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2 Optional
Rated Voltage: 600VDC(UL)/1000VDC(TUV)
Rated Current: 55A, 70A

Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional.
Lifetime:≤25 Years

30A/1000V compatible MC4

Package & Delivery

WeBright Solar can customize your own complete solar power system solution kit based on your requests. We provide grid-tied,off-grid,hybrid with PV system solutions.

Contact Information:

Tel: +86 1831265127

Whatsapp: +86 18312565127 


WeBright Solar, dedicated and devoted as always, provide you complete solar power kits, solar power solutions, and customized solar system, etc, with good quality and flexible service. Let's work together in Renewable Energy for Better Life.

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