30kW 50kW Solar Hybrid Energy System Inverter for Commerical Use

  • 30kW Solar Hybrid Energy System
  • Off Grid Type for Commercial Use
  • All-in-One Inverter + Hybrid Inverter
  • Power by Solar/Battery/Grid

30KW 50KW  Solar Hybrid Energy System Inverter for Commercial Use

Complete solar hybrid energy system is another obvious alternative to one that is grid-tied. Solar hybrid energy storage systems are usually very good power supply unit for home use/commercial use, due to there are long-life time LiFePO4 battery or lead acid battery and hybrid solar inverter, it can feed back to Grid as well as charge battery for energy storage when there is less Grid utility or electricity bill is very costly, the energy storage in battery will help a lot to solve the problem and save much electricity bill.

Features & Advantages

    30KW 50KW 100KW Solar Hybrid Inverter

   1) All in one hybrid inverter:  Battery, load, grid, solar connection all supported

   2) Programmable working mode: Peak-shaving, back-up, use the system however you want it

  3) Scalable design:Quadruple capacity by paralleling 4 units

   4)Touchscreen LCD: More convenient for parameter setting and maintenance

   5) Seamless transfer: Uninterruptable power supply guaranteed

    6)Dry contact output:  Supports remote control of DG

** 30kw-500kw System Solution + 100Kwh-500kwh Customized Solution # Lead Acid, Gel # Lithium Battery Back Up

Commercial Hybrid systems is like one micro-grid power station , it is working for villas , office , hospital , school or big house , providing stable electricity power by renewable energy from PV , when the utility is abnormal , the ESS runs in off grid or on grid mode and provides stable power for loads . You can sell extra solar power to electricity company or store it in battery bank according to your investment plans.

                                                Solar Hybrid Energy System Configuration






Solar Panel

Mono 455W solar panel



Combiner Box


1 piece


Hybrid Inverter

50KW EU Standard or US Standard

1 piece



12V 250Ah Gel/Lithium Battery (adjustable)

60 pieces


Mounting Support

Pitched / flat roof, ground can be customized

1 set



Single-core 4mm2 PV cable

800 meters



MC4 connector

30 pairs


Tools Bag

5 kinds of PV installation tools

1 bag

     Solar panel, Solar Mounting System, PV combiner box and PV cable are optional.

455w mono solar panel

Solar Panels

 > Mono or Shingled Tech

> Peak Power Watts: 455W

> Max Power Voltage: 41.7V

> Max Power Current: 10.92A

> Open Circuit Voltage: 49.5V

> Short Circuit Current: 11.66A

> Dimensions:2094*1038*35mm

> Weight: 23.5kg

pv mounting systemPV Mounting Bracket

        > Residential Roof(Pitched Roof)

        > Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof)

   > Ground Solar Mounting system

 > Vertical wall solar mounting system

      > All aluminum structure solar mounting system

 > Car parking solar mounting system

PV Combiner Box&Installation Tools

 >Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2 Optional

>Rated Voltage:600VDC/1000VDC(TUV)

>Rated Current: 55A,70A

>Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional

>Breaker,SPD and swithchesv

PV Cables

> Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2 Optional
> Rated Voltage: 600VDC(UL)/1000VDC(TUV)
> Rated Current: 55A, 70A

> Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional.
> Lifetime:≤25 Years

                                                                    > 30A/1000V compatible MC connector

Package & Delivery

                                                         Inverter                                                                         Solar panels                                             Mounting bracket

                                                  Battery in wooden box                                             Professional package                                                             Loading

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